The Breakup Course: Sixty Days To Healing
The Breakup Course: Sixty Days To Healing

The Breakup Course: Sixty Days To Healing

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Got your heart broken? Struggling to heal from an ex who destroyed your self confidence, mental health and femme fatale mindset? Perhaps you dumped someone and you're feeling regretful. I've created this course to help every single one of you heal from week one of the breakup. This will teach you the secrets to getting over someone and transforming into the best version of yourself in as little as eight weeks. Don't go through it alone - you can now get over him (or her) the right way.


Week One - Healing

The Pain of Breakups

How To Deal With Overthinking.

Initiating No Contact

The Digital Detox

Week Two - Detachment

The Anti-Stalk System

How to *actually* forgive someone

Letting them go completely

The Eight Phases: Processing The Breakup

Week Three - Reinvention

Tapping Into Your Feminine Energy

Reinvention: Becoming A New Person

Creating An Alter Ego

Goodbye Romantic Love - Hello Platonic Love

Week Four - Self Love Club

Creating A Self Love Ritual

How To Love Yourself

The Seven Guiding Principles To Self Love

Week Five - Reprogramming Your Mind

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Your Ultimate Guide To Becoming Confident

The Basics of Meditation

Week Six - Redesigning Your Opinion Of Relationships

How To Feel Better About Your Future Love Life

Getting Ready To Date Again

Are You Ready To Date Again? The Quiz.

Week Seven - Returning To The World Again

Goodbye Digital Detox

Private Life And Mystery

Preparing To See Them Again

Week Eight - Saying Goodbye

How To Truly Have Closure Over The Situation


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